When you are here, you simply can’t get enough of being here in this enchanting place – and wish you stayed longer!

With its lush gardens, open-air atriums, and abundant terraces, Cappadocia Estates Hotel will instill in your soul a sense of serenity and happiness.

A glittering polished showcase is not enough to provide a satisfactory lodging experience; the backstage needs meticulous attention to the tiniest details, with a well-planned infrastructure.

Our mission is to provide a unique experience with all the comforts of modern living. For us, authenticity doesn’t mean substandard. Our goal was and is our biggest challenge: to build a nearly invisible, modern infrastructure within the original masonry and tufa-rock caves without damaging its historic texture and value. Talented masons, technicians, and engineers spent thousands of hours to make this dream a reality.

You can see the results of this meticulous care and attention in the facades and details that resemble fine embroidery, with customized Turkish furniture adding to this historic undertaking.


We visited and scrutinized hundreds of hotels, read thousands of reviews, talked to travelers and analyzed what makes them happy. In the process, we eliminated elements that make travelers unhappy. The results, seen at Cappadocia Estates:

- NO STUFFY AND NARROW CORRIDORS - All rooms and suites have individual entrances through gardens, terraces, or open-air atriums. You will never walk through stuffy, narrow indoor corridors to get to your room. Be assured that when you step outside your room, you are literally stepping outdoors and breathing fresh air in a beautiful natural setting.

- NO HUMIDITY - Historic caves that are now converted into the Cappadocia Estates Hotel were very carefully chosen. We made certain that the bedrock they are built in is dense and doesn’t absorb the elements. In this way, moisture doesn’t accumulate in the rock, which could infiltrate into indoor spaces.

- YOU WON’T BE COVERED IN DUST AS YOU SLEEP - Since rooms are not damp, pieces of rocks and dirt won’t chip off from the ceiling and fall on you as you are sleeping. You won’t need to be dusted when you wake up.

- RELIABLE HOT WATER, GOOD WATER PRESSURE, AND HEATING - Because of the sparse architecture spread over a large area of land, along with this region’s harsh, extreme climate, we invested in three heating boilers – more than enough for the entire Cappadocia Estates. This allows us to alternate using them when needed, and ensure reliable service.

- POWERFUL BACKUP POWER GENERATOR - There may be power outages. Our generator is set to kick in the moment there’s a power shortage or electric current fluctuation. This ensures you will not be without power, heating, or hot water.

- YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD REST ON LUXURIOUS MATTRESSES - Our top-quality, innerspring mattresses have thick, rich layers of cushioning to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and refreshing rest when you wake up.

- HAPPINESS IS…CLEAN SHEETS AND A FRESHLY MADE BED - There’s nothing more pleasant then sleeping with hygienically cleaned sheets, pillows, comforters, and mattresses. Additionally, the breathable, waterproof mattress and pillow protectors are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

- GUEST ROOMS AND SUITES ARE CAVES, BUT THEY ALSO HAVE WINDOWS - Yes, they are caves, but all of our rooms and suites have windows that let the daylight in.

- TRANQUIL AND PEACEFUL - Cappadocia Estates is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac street. The only sounds you’ll hear are the chirping of birds greeting the rising morning sun.

- CAPPADOCIA ESTATES IS A SPECIAL CLASS HOTEL - Cappadocia Estates Hotel proudly holds a “Special Class” license issued by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This is a unique category created for out-of-the-ordinary, historic, and exquisite properties that meet and comply with strict criteria.   Only 4% of more than 14,000 hotels in Turkey have been honored with this license.

- CAPPADOCIA ESTATES IS SPACIOUS - Cappadocia Estates is not a simple, singular row house, but is an exquisite combination of stately mansions, with outdoor spaces, gardens, courtyards, and terraces – all for your enjoyment.
You can rest assured that our hotel has ample outdoor spaces with room to spread out. You will not encounter crowds, or places where visitors are packed into tight spaces.

- CAPPADOCIA ESTATES IS A UNIQUE OASIS - Enjoy the peaceful harmony of blue skies and green gardens throughout the year. The estate’s landscaping was an enormous undertaking, but we were up for the challenge. We planted a variety of trees, shrubs and flower in the gardens and cascading terraces of Cappadocia Estates, including Blue Atlas Cedar, Lebanon Cedar, Sycamore, Blue Juniper, Red Maple, Rock Ivy, Firethorn, Lavender, and many more.

- PARK YOUR CAR SAFELY - There’s no need to look for parking spaces in the area surrounding the hotel, since we have complimentary parking right in our estates.

- WE ARE IN A STUDENT VILLAGE. - The small village of Mustafapasa is also home to an international university. The main campus is a 19th-century masonry madrassah located in the village center.

- RELIABLE AND CONSISTENT SERVICE AND STAFF - Cappadocia Estates is a guest-oriented hotel. With a very low turnover rate, our staff is eager to deliver excellent service as well as maintain the highest satisfaction of our guests. They hold hotel guests in the highest esteem, and treat them as one of their own guests.

- SUPERB QUALITY OF FOOD - We have a wonderful, verdant produce garden where we grow some of our own vegetables and greens. For other foods, we shop daily locally, making sure your food is healthy and of the highest quality.

- YOU WILL HAVE THE ULTIMATE CAPPADOCIA EXPERIENCE - Cappadocia Estates is located in Mustafapasa Village, which has not given in to mass tourism. It is under state protection for its historic value and authenticity of its architecture. With its deep history and its numerous valleys, this is a compact Cappadocia, in all aspects.