Are you ready for a unique experience?

View the magical, other-worldly landscape of Cappadocia in the silence of a hot-air balloon, floating over fairy chimneys and gliding through ancient valleys.

The flight last approximately 1 hour. Upon landing, enjoying a champagne celebration where you’ll be presented with a certificate commemorating your hot-air balloon experience.


It’s important to book ahead due to limited capacity!

Due to winds, flights typically take place 180 days out of the year. These flights are dependent on the strength of the wind, and not on weather temperature.

Since these hot-air balloon flights take place above a distinct, limited area, the number of balloons that can share air space is limited. A typical daily capacity is around 1500 people.

Please note that Turkish Civil Aviation authorities determine whether balloons can take off, or must be delayed or grounded. This is not at the discretion of the balloon captain or the operating company.

Similar to airplane ticket prices, the price of hot-air balloon flights fluctuates based on demand. The most expensive dates are holidays as well as the months of April, May, September, and October.

The sky is layered with air currents, so the pilot rises and descends into different currents to maintain or change direction. The direction the hot-air balloons can float is based on where the air current is moving.

Although it’s no colder in the hot-air balloon than on the ground, keep in mind that mornings are cooler in Cappadocia. It’s advised to wear layered clothing and flat-heeled shoes.

Please contact us for more information, prices, and to book.

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