We have been working on the Cappadocia Estates project for some time now. We started from scratch years ago, with a clear concept; contemporary comfort and village setting, connected to local life and real people. It was a major undertaking, to build an invisible, up-to-date infrastructure, and to preserve the authenticity at the same time. Many were involved; urban planners, architects, engineers, technicians, masons, ... and us. The project required more than just a facelift. Centuries old facades were restored to their original look, and caves behind them were re-designed to provide ultimate comfort.

We equipped the rooms with deluxe beds and mattresses, the quality of those we use at home. We used our personal art collection throughout the hotel, decorated rooms with antique furniture and mirrors, and the original wood-prints of renowned Turkish painters Bedri Rahmi and Eren Eyuboglu.
Their works have always appealed to us because of their extraordinary talent in portraying the rural life.

We are proud of the outcome, but as attractive is the setting. This village is a rare find. Mustafapasa, or ancient Sinasos, is as close as you can get to local life in Cappadocia. The entire village is under preservation for architectural authenticity. Cave dwellings and churches hidden behind intricate stone facades literally take you back in time.

It is at the center of Cappadocia, just a few kilometers south of Urgup, but miraculously remained untouched, away from the hustle bustle of mass tourism. So is the local life-style. You can observe centuries old traditions, weddings and circumcision ceremonies, see the locals in their daily routine, on their way to vineyards, boiling grape molasses, drying grapes, apricots, carve out squash seeds on the streets, and more.

Bordering the village, Saklı Vadi (hidden or the secret valley) and the grandiose Gomeda Valley have some of the finest examples of natural formations and multistory rock dwellings (a.k.a. cave condos!) in Cappadocia.

The wealth of the past is still there... Before the republic, natives of the village, organized under the Sinasos Guild, monopolized salted fish and caviar trade in the capital city, Istanbul. And with the wealth channeled to Sinasos, the village became an attraction center. Largest free standing church in Cappadocia, the historic madrassah, and most of the stately mansions were built during these heydays. The madrassah today serves as the Cappadocia Vocational College to students from all over the country.

We invite you to join us as we continue our Cappadocian journey...

Lale Sürmen Aran

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