In Cappadocia Estates, we focus on the traditional Cappadocian and Imperial Ottoman cuisine. To please a discerning sultan, the imagination and talent of chefs in the palace kitchen created one of the richest cuisines of the world. We serve a fine selection of both cuisines, prepared with fresh, daily ingredients by the ladies at the village.

Our breakfast is rich and nutritious with several different kinds of homemade jams that we make when the fruits are in season, natural honey, different kinds of cheese, butter, eggs, delicious green and black olives from the Aegean coastline of Turkey, homemade yogurt from the milk of neighbor’s cows, grape molasses – a local energy booster –, freshly baked bread, Turkish tea and freshly brewed real coffee!

We serve breakfast in the large cavern on the second floor of the Villa Sinasos. You may as well enjoy lunch and dinner at this cavern or in our sister facility, the Old Greek House, in the courtyard surrounded by frescoed arches, or in one of the several large rooms. Based on your preference, we can set up tables and chairs, or provide a traditional dining experience with large round trays and pillows on carpets. If you desire, we can allocate private dining rooms for your group or family.

Afiyet Olsun! Good Appetite.

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