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Unique, out of the ordinary, hand made and not mass produced… Public areas and rooms are individually furnished and decorated with elegant local art (yazma, ebru and tiles)*, hand woven traditional local carpets, custom designed wood work, and antique mirrors and furniture. Suites and rooms have several niches and wardrobes painted in vibrant local colors that immediately stand out. Custom made stylized Ottoman fixtures made of bronze and copper enrich the already plush environment.

All suites come with their individual story. Surprises go as far to original pigeon lofts as part of the inner walls (to collect guano in the past, all clean now!). Iroko wood counters and iroko and volcanic stone decorations in the bathrooms add to an amazing experience.

A few words on traditional arts in Cappadocia Estates:

Yazma is a hand painted wood print on fine cotton fabric out of hand looms. Most of these fabrics were worn as head scarves and were part of everyday life. Half a century ago, the art was almost extinct. Artists Bedri Rahmi and Eren Eyuboglu revived the art, and meticulously carved their paintings and designs on wood blocks, and developed a special technique that would fix the color and design on the fabric. Designs express everyday hardships and obligations of devoted Turkish women as mother, wife and the pillar of the household. Each piece is a limited copy of Bedri Rahmi and Eren Eyuboglu collection.

Ebru is magic. Text book explanation is the work of transferring color designs floating on water on to paper. Ebru examples in Cappadocia Estates were made by Hikmet Barutcugil, a leading Ebru artist of our time. Besides traditional techniques, he has developed a special technique of his own that is named after him, the Barut. Some of his works are in the British Museum collection.

Tiles are probably the best known Turkish art. Original Turkish tiles have a very high content of quartz mineral and that is why they are so durable. Tiles in Cappadocia Estates are hand made replicas of Seldjuk and traditional Iznik ware, and some are family designs of master potter Guray Tuysuz of Kaya Seramik.

Handmade carpets are a link to our traditions and history, and a reminder of challenges our ancestors coped with during their long journey from Central Asia to Asia Minor. In Cappadocia Estates, we keep the tradition alive. Every room, suite and public space are decorated with traditional carpets of the Cappadocia region, unique in design and colors.

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